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Want a physical? We can see you in about 13 months.

You’ll never believe what is going on (now) in Massachusetts (unless you live there, of course).

An unintended consequence of the state’s “mandated health insurance” has been to create an over-abundance of demand for medical services. (Remember the old “supply-demand” theorem from Econ 101?)

From the NY Times

What? Nobody thought about this little “side-effect” of requiring health care coverage for everyone? It’s “a recipe for disaster,” according to a physician interviewed for the article.

Although the article does not connect-the-dots exactly in this manner, the underlying lesson to be learned from this episode is that people often confuse “health care coverage” with being able to see the Doctor for preventative care. This confuses the issue.

NOBODY “needs” health insurance to see a physician for a routine visit. Health insurance IS needed by most people to pay for larger expenses.

Hundreds of thousands of New Englanders, suddenly empowered with “health care coverage,” are taking the opportunity NOW to see physicians for things they SHOULD have seen physicians about many months and indeed many years ago.

There continues to be a giant disconnect between “needing” health care coverage for routine medical visits. Only buy “insurance” for expenses you cannot comfortably afford to pay, should they arise.