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IRS Wolves Called Off – But Who Pays Now?

On April 15, President Obama signed legislation that rescinds the burdensome 1099 requirement that was inserted into the healthcare reform legislation to help fund Obamacare.

The idea was simple enough. Increase reporting of independent contractor work that is reported via 1099’s.

The Democrats figured this would get them a few extra $Billions in tax revenue.

Americans thought otherwise. The 1099 requirement was seen as an intrusive gesture into an already burdensome tax world. (The new requirement would basically mandate reporting of all expenses over $600 even to vendors who were not “employed” by a company.)

Americans won this round, and thus, the first demantling of Obamacare.

Whether further, meaningful demantling occurs will depend entirely upon the 2012 elections. Without stout majorities in both the House and Senate, effective legislation will not pass, regardless of the Party in the White House.

In the meantime, health plan premiums continue to rise with no abatement in sight. This is due in large part to Obamacare mandates, most noticeably the mandatory coverage of children (as dependents) under age 19 regardless of health conditions. Although this is a good thing for parents with children who have pre-existing conditions, unfortunately, the Democrats failed to offset this requirement by mandating that all children under 19 be covered under a health plan, regardless of health. Thus, the only ones left to subsidize the unhealthy children – are all the rest of us.

The sooner we face up to the fact that this is no longer “insurance,” the sooner we’ll be on the path to real discussion – whether or not we really want a socialistic healthcare system here.

As I’ve said countless times before, when the Democrats had the opportunity to shove something down our throats, they should have shoved an effective “single-payer” system instead of this monstrosity cleverly disguised as insurance coverage.

They had one shot to shove. They blew it. Now we’re going to be paying for it for decades and decades.


Heritage Foundation to Pres. Obama: Stop misrepresenting our position on healthcare

Wow, talking about not pulling the punches.

The Heritage Foundation lays it on the line in response to the president claiming that his plan builds on a model of the reform package espoused by the Foundation.

The Obama health-care law “builds” on the Heritage health reform model only in the sense that, say, a double-quarter-pounder with cheese “builds” on the idea of a garden salad. Both have lettuce and tomato and may be called food, but the similarities end there.

This is why we at the Heritage Foundation respectfully ask President Obama and his acolytes to stop misrepresenting our research. We think this massive health law is abominable and should be repealed. And until Congress repeals it, lawmakers should starve this monstrosity of taxpayer funds.

I wonder if he’ll get the message?

*Gasp* The New York Times admits that Obamacare will drive costs UP

Well it’s about time. Sort of.

As this insightful piece from Hot Air acknowledges, the New York Times has finally gotten around to analyzing the most aligned piece of state handiwork that resembles Obamacare – New York’s own “reform” passed years ago that mandates coverage for everyone, but does little to pressure young healthy people to enroll.

One of the state’s largest insurers, Empire Blue Cross, calculates that precisely 88 total (eighty-eight) healthy young people between 18 and 26 have enrolled in coverage – out of a potential pool of 6 million.

So who carries coverage in New York? Old folks. And people who are really, really sick.

And why not? They enjoy premiums the same as, you guessed it, young healthy people.

So why should a young healthy person purchase health care in New York? Frankly, they shouldn’t. It’s a loser deal.

Soon, America will enjoy the same type of “benefits” bestowed upon us by the always compassionate but never too bright liberal majority.

Here’s a cute little diagram explaining the death spiral caused by healthy people dropping coverage:

The death spiral