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Obama’s fuzzy math — promising to save each family $2500 a year in health care premiums

Finally — an explanation of Obama’s “promise” to “save” each American family $2,500 a year in health insurance premiums.

No, I am not kidding–that is precisely what he is promising. Of course, when a politician makes a “promise,” it should be taken with a healthy dose of sea salt.

In his case, Obama is pushing the envelope of believability beyond its boundaries.

In this article, the New York Times examines Obama’s fuzzy math.

Obama’s pledge to cut health care costs by $2,500 per family is nothing but stereotypical politician double-speak. For a guy who claims “change” as his mantra, Obama is as old-fashioned as they come in the political world.

There is absolutely NOTHING NEW in his proposal. If there really is $77 billion a year in waste in the health care field, do you really think WASHINGTON can cut that waste?

In part, Obama suggests that mandating insurance companies to accept all applicants regardless of health conditions will actually cut costs overall. How in the world he reaches that conclusion is beyond reason. His premise supposes that virtually NONE of those individuals will have claims–apparently. In reality, however, claims will rise exponentially when a disproportionate share of new enrollees have serious pre-existing health conditions, which cause premiums to RISE, not fall. And who is going to pay the actual premium for the 80% or so of the uninsured who CANNOT AFFORD the premiums? Huh?

Health care is a huge mess, rivaled only by the mess we’ve created for ourselves in the energy crisis.

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