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Health Care Reform – on the fast track to – the next election?

obama - author of the great health care experimentAmericans are just waking up to discover they are being duped by a president pushing for health care “reform” that at the earliest would not begin to take place until – 2013 – AFTER the next presidential election!

Because of my connections with several of the major insurance companies, this is a little known secret I have been privy to for a few weeks. Now, American is just beginning to get the message.

Here’s a link to an extensive health care reform story from MSNBC

For one thing, this mess is actually bigger than Hillary Care ever dreamed of being!

But it’s all supposed to be about getting the uninsured, insured – right?

Well, that ain’t going to happen until 2013 at the earliest!

What a crock!

This is politics, pure and simple folks. Obama democrats are hell-bent to get something passed — anything at all — regardless of how egregious it is, and with no regard whatsoever to the long term financial damage it is bound to wreak on the economy.

Obama’s Health Plan: Canada on the installment plan

If people truly want to know the scoop on health plan proposals made both by Obama and McCain, all they need to do is read “the Journal.”

Once again, the WSJ has nailed it.

This time, the tag line to the story reads (correctly):  Obama supports huge tax subsidies for the wealthy.

What’s funny is, he doesn’t even seem to realize it.

At the core of McCain’s plan is the idea that a 40 year old concept is outdated.  By inticing employers to buy health insurance through the use of tax breaks, the government is providing a huge disincentive — the opposite of responsibility.

It’s the McCain plan, not Obama’s, that actually is progressive.

As the article states:

For reasons of historical accident and lobbying clout, individuals who buy policies get no tax benefits and pay with after-tax dollars. Mr. McCain is proposing to make the tax benefits available to everyone, regardless of how they purchase their insurance.

In contrast, Obama doesn’t want workers to have a choice in their health care.  He claims that McCain’s plan

would amount to “taxing your health-care benefits for the first time in history,” which is a wild distortion. His point seems to be that because companies wouldn’t have to pay for health care, they could raise wages and thus taxes would also increase for workers on those higher incomes. But doesn’t Mr. Obama want higher wages?

Why this discussion is not getting more air underneath its wings is beyond me.  Unfortunately, the candidates are happy to discuss their plans at a highly superficial level, which leaves the rest of us out in the dark.

So do yourself a favor — read the article from the Times and pass it on to others.

Here is the link to the WSJ article.

Obama’s double step on health care

In their second debate held on Tuesday, Oct. 7, Senators Obama and McCain went back and forth on health care.

When asked how he would characterize health care coverage, McCain responded that it is a responsibility.  In other words, individuals have a responsibility to provide their own health care coverage.

In contrast, Obama chose to characterize health care as a right.

In isolation, that assertion is not so remarkable.  Many people characterize access to health care as a right, sometimes in line with an inalienable right. Others characterize it as an entitlement, such as with Medicare or Medicaid.

Regardless of whether one agrees with Obama’s characterization of health care as a right, surely all reasonable minded people can understand that he flatly contradicted himself by admitting that he wants to fine people who do not obtain health care coverage, especially for children (although he never specified the amount of the fine).

Obama’s system is basically a pay or pay option.  Pay the health plan or pay the government.  And given that choice, their theory is that most people will go ahead and pay for coverage under a health plan.

But what many people are missing is that Obama is effectively supporting a plan that will penalize people, by fining them, for opting not to exercise their “right” — using the term he chose to use to characterize health care.

Let’s look at some other traditional rights.  Saluting the flag, for example — that’s something we all have the right to do — or not do.  But what if the government were to fine people for choosing not to salute the flag?

What about the right to practice one’s religion?  What if the government were to impose fines against people who opted not to exercise that right?

Hopefully you can see where I am going with this.  Health care is not a right.  Perhaps it should be, but it isn’t.

McCain is the more correct of the two — health care is a responsibility.  People have a responsibility to provide for their own health care, but should they choose not to do so, they should not be fined by the government.

THAT is their right — the right to choose not to provide their own health care.

Which leads us full circle to the bigger question — should health care become a right?  Because if it truly is a right, then no one would have the option to opt out.  It would be provided to all, paid for by the populace.

(Did that last statement sound a little too socialistic for you?)

For an interesting, in-depth discussion on this topic, see this piece by Maggie Mahar

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