Over the years, I have written various articles containing recommendations for avoiding pitfalls in purchasing health insurance.  Recently, these reports have been rebranded as “White Paper Reports” given their prominence on the internet.  But rest assured — the information in these articles is every bit as useful as the day they were written.

If you’ve ever thought that it “only costs” $20 to see a physician under a $20 co-pay, read this health insurance co-pays Report and learn how to calculate the true “cost” of your co-pays.

Read this Report to learn why high deductible health plans make sense.

Read this Report to learn the truth behind those instant health insurance quotes websites you see everywhere. You’ve probably noticed – health insurance sites are everywhere on the internet. But did you know? Most health insurance related websites are not operated by licensed agents! In most cases, when you try to get one of those “instant health quotes” from a website, what you really are doing is providing your private info to an anonymous third-party, who then makes money by selling your information to several insurance agents. And THAT is why your phone starts ringing off the wall when you submit just one quote request form from most websites! But not ours – when you submit a quote request through any of MY sites – you deal directly with me, and only me. We want your business – we want the privilege of having you as our client. So why would we ever sell your personal info to any other party? (We wouldn’t – and we won’t.)