Health Care Reform – on the fast track to – the next election?

obama - author of the great health care experimentAmericans are just waking up to discover they are being duped by a president pushing for health care “reform” that at the earliest would not begin to take place until – 2013 – AFTER the next presidential election!

Because of my connections with several of the major insurance companies, this is a little known secret I have been privy to for a few weeks. Now, American is just beginning to get the message.

Here’s a link to an extensive health care reform story from MSNBC

For one thing, this mess is actually bigger than Hillary Care ever dreamed of being!

But it’s all supposed to be about getting the uninsured, insured – right?

Well, that ain’t going to happen until 2013 at the earliest!

What a crock!

This is politics, pure and simple folks. Obama democrats are hell-bent to get something passed — anything at all — regardless of how egregious it is, and with no regard whatsoever to the long term financial damage it is bound to wreak on the economy.