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How this works. Please know that I am keenly aware of all of the cute little sites on the 'net purporting to offer "instant quotes now." We no longer use instant-quoting services for two main reasons: 1) they are known for consistently providing grossly inaccurate quotes, and often they are programmed to display only a handful of results, usually plans paying the highest commissions.

As a service to our valued clients, we have gone back to running all quotes by hand. We narrow down the results to a handful of the most appealing options that we then forward to you for review. So if you're truly looking for first-class professional help with your health care plan, you're at the right place. Thanks very much. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

C. Dean Richard, Lic. Agent/Broker
- I hope you'll appreciate knowing exactly who you're dealing with from our site. Many insurance sites aren't insurance sites at all.
Click here to read more about "data-mining" sites disguised as legitimate insurance quoting services.

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NOTE: Until 2014, you still must be insurable to have individual (non-group) coverage issued. When you voluntarily provide limited health history info, it helps us provide more accurate quotes for you. Pursuant to HIPAA, any info you provide is treated with confidentiality.

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