Availabilty and General Disclaimers

General Purpose. The primary intended use for this site is for general informational purposes only. No statements or representations, explicit or implied, should be construed as offering legal, tax, or investments advice, nor as an offer to insure, rather, only as an offer to inquire. 

Insurance related services. Visitors to this site who desire to procure insurance coverage are advised that the availability of plans in any particular state through our agency is limited to those companies with which we are currently contracted in states where the agency and/or its principal is properly licensed. 

Insurance quotes are issued on a good faith basis to individuals who submit a request for a quote through our site but are intended only to present a general idea of an offer for coverage that may be made to that individual or family upon receipt of a duly submitted application for coverage made direct to the insurance company. All applications for coverage are subject to final underwriting approval. Individuals are cautioned to carefully review all relevant information regarding any particular plan of coverage in which they may be interested, including but not limited to premiums, benefits, exclusions, limitations, and other pertinent information (e.g., financial ratings, etc.). 

Savings accounts. We have de minimis, if any, financial interest in the selection of an administrator for our insured clients' HSA accounts. Our recommendation of Webster Bank (d/b/a HSABank) for account service is due to their low cost and mutual fund availability, but each HSA account holder is free to choose his/her own administrator at any time. We provide no investment advice whatsoever. Nevertheless, there are no warranties implicit or otherwise regarding the performance of any particular HSA account. Investors are cautioned that funds deposited into an investment-oriented account, e.g., mutual funds, may lose value. Professional investment advice should be sought prior to investing in any HSA savings account.